Monte Duello - Vini Zambon
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Monte Duello



One of the secrets of our wine is
the unique exposition and microclimate of the basaltic lands.

Cru Lessini Durello Monte Duello Zambon

Carta suoli vulcanici Lessini Durello

FROM OUR CRU: Soave e Durello

The term CRU in oenology refers to a delimited and exclusive area that produces a specific exemplar of refined wine. The same term is used to indicate the place name of the vineyard.
The Soave and Lessini Durello wines produced by Zambon come exactly from the “Monte Duello” CRU.
The map above, showing the CRU of Durello, highlights the area where our vineyards grow.

MONTE DUELLO: Type of soil

In the map above we can see the evolution of the different types of land of the “Monte Duello” Cru.
Every single vineyard was studied in detail in the structure and composition of its soil.
Particularly, Monte Duello presents moderately steep soils with basaltic structure, scarcely calcareous and moderately alkaline.
The image is drawn from the soils map of the production area of the Lessini Durello D.O.C. wine, realised by the Lessini Durello Consortium with Giuseppe Benciolini and Silvia Dalla Costa.

Monte Duello: one of the most particular landscapes of the Val d’Alpone

The Lessini Durello Consortium studied this land for the publication of “Il Durello. Le terre, le vigne, gli uomini. Zonazione viticola del Lessini Durello” edited by Aldo Lorenzoni and Diego Tomasi. In this occasion the composition of the soil that describes the quality of our CRU has been studied accurately.

Monte Duello is not one of the highest mounts, but it surely represents one of the most significant landscapes of the Val D’Alpone. It allows people admire the hills of the Soave Classico at West and the volcanic formations that characterize the territory between Monte Calvarina and San Margherita at East.
Here prevails the volcanic origin of the soil, and the rocky substratum is at a sufficient depth to supply the vines with water and nourishing at an adequate quantity.
The substratum of this particular area is characterized by a high clayish component and the absence of calcareous components. This feature moderates the availability of water for the plants, but their roots can extend freely in any case. Our farm is situated in the production area of both Durello and Soave. The moderate altitude (from 100 to 230 metres above sea level) have always privileged the implantation of “Garganega” and “Trebbiano di Soave” rather than “Durella”, which is significantly present anyway. The restrained altitude ensures more enchanting and more robust wine.

The viticultural predisposition of the area is confirmed by the meaningful presence of the vineyard that has often been employed for Garganega and other grape varieties. The data confirmed the elevated sugar gradation of the grapes and the minor acidity, elements that offer the opportunity to obtain full still wines, enriched with evident hints of ripe fruit and citrus. The period of harvest seems to be an incentive on which differentiate the destination of the grapes.